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CEO & Art

Rumi Singh

She controls the emotion of DiigVeda and keeps the Goal high as possible. With the creative thinking and innovation in every work she is the source of energy and inspiration to make something better for our customers everyday

With 16+ years of Experience in Retail, International Trade, Marketing & Design she is the starting point of every new step for our Customers success. 

Specialist & Head of Operation

Gajen Handique

Well the success of the DiigVeda Customers needs very Clear Strategy of Marketing. Gajen does the Planning and Execution of the marketing Strategies for better results. With 16+ Years of experience in Customer Success and Marketing  in Digital Marketing he is the Brain behind the operations & success of DiigVeda.

All About Us

What Sets Us Apart

DiigVeda Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is founded by few Experienced Marketers with a goal to provide quality Digital Marketing Services. The Digital Marketing space is competitive and very compelling too. Hence it is crowded with marketers but what is missing is the quality of execution which leads to loss of trust by the Business owners who although wants to explore the Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing space but fails to find out the right marketing partner for his/her business. DiigVeda is working to change the way the Digital Marketers works and bringing in new ways to handle your Digital Marketing activities. 

At DiigVeda we strongly believe that only being present in social or digital media is not enough until and unless you can generate some real business from it. We ensure that you get the same from us with the marketing strategy we implement after studying your business, competition and Audience in detail.

Our customers are from Retail & SME segment benefits greatly with our detail analysis, strategy planning and timely execution of their Digital Marketing Programs. Founded in early 2020 just before the Pandemic hits the world, we understand the need of Digital Presence as like our customers when suddenly all buying decision is heavily influenced by the visual representation over digital media & Social Media. Buyers are no more roaming around and exploring the markets, they decide not only what they want but from where they want it and whether that place is safe & hygienic  to visit or not. 
We ensure that your Social Media Presence is strong and bold and can showcase how much you care for your customers. 

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