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DiigVeda Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is founded by few Experienced Marketers with a goal to provide quality Digital Marketing Services. The Digital Marketing space is competitive and very compelling too. Hence it is crowded with marketers but what is missing is the quality of execution which leads to loss of trust by the Business owners who although wants to explore the Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing space but fails to find out the right marketing partner for his/her business. DiigVeda is working to change the way the Digital Marketers works and bringing in new ways to handle your Digital Marketing activities. 


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We Start with creating your Brand Identity. A neat and clean presentation of your Brand over Digital World carries utmost importance to you. Starting with your Logo Design (I needed) to Placing the same in the creative to  give it maximum visibility.  Your each creative carries your Brand Identity in a manner that whenever someone look at the creatives they can immediately feel the strong presence of your Brand.

We focus on each color combinations,  fonts and placement of call of action or logo  in all creatives in a way where your audience can relate what we offer and at the same time who we are.



Your content over the Digital Media means a lot as it should not only convey the message we want to share but at the same time it should be fun to read and should immediately touch the emotion of your audience. Our dedicated team of content writers are experienced with writing fun filled and right content for your audience group. Along with your content we also analyze which Hashtags to use in your each post so it get maximum traction over social media and search media. 
Be assured we take contents very seriously!! 



You definitely need engagement from users in your posts and if your users are not engaging with your posts than we should revise the current strategy of marketing. Touching the right emotion is important to get maximum user engagement and timing is also important to get the maximum user engagement. With our engagement campaigns like Quiz, Contests,  moment marketing we ensure you get the right amount of user engagement. 



The digital media world (specifically social media space) has changed a lot since TikTok. (Unfortunately banned in india). The Social Media Presence now can not be judged with some Graphics but it needs representation of your work via Reels/Short Videos. Reels are in trend and so you should also jump in the direction the trend flows. The most important part is that reel styles and presentation changes every day and you have to be very active on social media to catch the trend at the right time. With our new generation marketers and video editors we are not only following the trend but also creating trends for you...



Once you present yourself well over social media and google, its time to gain maximum visibility and earn some real business. We plan the Ad strategy for your Brand to reach out to the Right audience who are willing to avail services/products that you offer. Your Ad strategy has to be robust and execution has to be done in detail and most importantly your Ad requires constant monitoring and update to yield the maximum benefit from your Ad spent.  And that is what we do, planning your Ads and monitoring and updating it for maximum benefits. 



We believe in faster implementation and onboarding. We understand that in the busy schedule of your business you somehow couldn't focus more on Marketing. We hence take a Speedy onboarding and implementation steps for all our Marketing Program and Software so you start managing your Business proficiently and do not have to be in queue any more.


Our Dedicated team on onboarding and strategy Planners ensures everything in place faster manner and creates an environment where your ideas can take shape in reality.   


A Complete Billing & CRM solution for your Store

Managing your Store and retaining your customers was never this easy . With DiigVeda complete Billing & CRM solution, easily manage your Invoicing, Accounting, Inventory, Staff and Retain Customers with exciting and innovative Loyalty, Membership programs and communicate to your Customers Via WhatsApp and messaging services about your offers. 


DiigVeda is launching a new Hyperlocal Ecommerce & Explore platform top help out the Local Retailers get power of the Ecommerce with easy management and helping out the Buyers to get goods from the very local vendor he knows from the comfort of his home. Explore local services with a blink of an eye and get services/products at the best price and at bet of your convenience.

A Hyper-Local Ecommerce & Explore (Coming Soon)

Facebook Marketing 

With the Highest number of Users Facebook Dominates the Social Media Space. Your Presence on it matters a lot while thousands of your customers actively using it. It also Offers the best Ads on Instagram & Facebook with powerful Ad Creation tools and by helping you tp point out your most potential customer from its user base. We ensure that those tools helps you to earn Real Business and also enjoy the power of Social Media at Fullest.  

When Someone is looking for the Services/Products that you offer, they will search at Google of course. Is your Presence on Google Map is better than your Nearest competition? Do you know that Proper Google My Business you can place yourself at Google Maps, which indeed dominates the Google Local Search results. We can Help you managing your Google My Business Profile in a Better and Professional Manner

Google My Business Management

Google Adwords

You can earn a whole lot of Business by presenting your Business to the Person who is searching for the Services/Products you offer/sell. Get the maximum out of your Google Ads with us. Choose the best suitable Ad Program for your business and we ensure greater performance via Market/Keyword, Competition/Audience Analysis. 

Instagram Marketing & Management

In The Era of Social Media the New Generation is Making most of their Buying Decision based on what they see on Social Media Platform like Instagram. Your Presence over Instagram defines your Business Presence in the Real World. We ensure your Brand presence in the most prominent ways with own Brand Identity and at the Same time we ensure that you make Business out of it rather than just be present on the platform.


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